Competition of various plates

The paving board adopts concave convex anti-skid double-sided design, and the material is extruded from polyethylene and other plastic materials. The length of the temporary road board for light vehicles can be customized, with a width of less than 2.5m and a thickness of 3-10mm. The paving board is also called polyethylene temporary road board for light vehicles, polyethylene temporary road base plate for light vehicles, polyethylene road base plate for light vehicles, etc.

Because the paving board is anti-skid on both sides, it can be spliced. If it is used in more than square areas, it can also be spliced together. If it is used in swampy or muddy areas, it can prevent vehicles from sinking. The paving board is very flexible. It can be paved into single lane, double lane, straight-line, T-shaped roads and ring roads. Moreover, our professional connectors can be connected with other users conveniently and quickly.

Paving board is a kind of long-term and short-term project construction application, which is used to solve the harsh environment such as pavement and weather, and ensure the construction safety and progress. Paving board has the advantages of skid resistance, durability, moisture resistance, long service life and so on.

Light vehicle road mat desert anti subsidence paving board, gravel road paving board, landscaping protection vegetation paving board, pressure bearing building construction paving board, embankment construction and maintenance paving board.

The paving board can be used as a temporary road or a temporary site. It can be used as a temporary activity site. It has no requirements for the base pavement, which can be desert, muddy pavement or grassland. The use of light vehicle mats can also protect the grassland. The removal of the mats will not affect the growth of the grassland.

Product performance: easy disassembly and assembly, good toughness, strong load-bearing, water-resistant, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant, silent, dust-proof, environmental protection, reusable for hundreds of times, and effectively protect tires, so as to ensure the safe passage of load-bearing vehicles on the ground.

Pavement board has good load-bearing strength and toughness. Polymer composite pavement board, modified composite pavement pad, temporary pavement board for sea filling, anti-skid composite pavement board, which ensures the safe operation of 20t-280t vehicles. Pressure resistant anti-skid polyethylene pavement board for temporary road filling, polymer engineering plastic pavement board, UHMWPE pavement board, desert swamp mud land drilling platform, coastal construction site pressure resistant pavement board, anti-skid polyethylene pavement board, which can be used for rapid construction in emergency situations Temporary roads or used for rapid repair of roads and airports damaged in a wide range, suitable for disaster relief, emergency, etc The field on-board test shows that the composite pavement pad can be applied to various harsh site soil conditions such as silt; At the same time, it is a kind of lightweight and high-strength composite backing plate for rapid construction of temporary roads in case of emergencies such as snow disaster The composite pavement base plate can be prepared according to a certain modulus in advance. In case of emergency, it can be quickly assembled under the adverse site conditions such as silt, swamp, soft clay, etc., forming an access road for traffic, which can quickly transport materials and personnel,

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