Which is more suitable for temporary paving, polyethylene paving board or paving steel plate

Which paving slab or paving steel plate is more suitable for temporary paving? Which one is more suitable for temporary paving?

Paving boards have good wear resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, cushioning, high wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, shock absorption, no noise, economical, non-deformation, impact resistance, self-lubricating, environmental protection and dust-proof It is a new type of engineering plastic that replaces paving steel plates? Subgrade boxes are used in various construction projects. The paving board is made of polymer composite polyethylene paving boards. It is a special anti-skid paving board for short-term temporary construction to ensure the safe operation of 20-380-ton vehicles. Paving board is a thermoplastic engineering plastic.

The noise of the paving steel plate is very loud and the weight is relatively heavy, which is more troublesome, and the paving plate will not have such problems. It has excellent properties such as good toughness, shock absorption, moisture resistance, convenient laying, long life, and can be used repeatedly. It is a green and environmentally friendly product and an ideal material for short-term and long-term project construction sites.

Which paving slab or paving steel plate is more suitable for temporary paving? The use of plastic paving slabs in sandy, muddy swamps and other places can increase the friction force. Using thicker on the lawn will greatly reduce the damage to the road surface, because the surface of the plastic paving slabs has anti-slip lines, and it will not appear. The phenomenon of vehicles and cargo sliding or sinking. These are the reasons why plastic paving slabs sell well. They are easy to install and disassemble, and can be used repeatedly, which not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves work efficiency.

1.Weight: steel plate density 7.85g/cm3, uhmpe density 1.00g/cm3, uhmpe paving pad is 1/7 of the weight of steel plate, greatly reducing the amount of work during handling;Fast disassembly and assembly, transportation cost is lower than steel plate.


Post time: Jul-14-2022